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About Us

The Story of Earth, Wind, & Spirit

When Carol Clark and her sister Paulette got together they did many things that sisters do, but their obsession and craft of choice was beading and making jewelry.  They often talked about how one day they would open a little bead shop so that they could indulge in beads all day long.  Beading sparked joy for them and they were obsessed with collecting them and making fun creations. 

Carol working for a large elevator company and Paulette an avid accountant could only dream. 

One day Paulette called Carol extremely excited and shared with Carol that she won a trip. Of course Carol thought that she was taking her on the trip.  Why else would she be telling her?  To Carol’s disappointment, Paulette was taking someone else but needed Carol’s help. Paulette had promised a local Wellness Center that she would help them with their grand opening.  “Will you go and do it Carol? Pllllllllleeeaaaase?”  Carol reluctantly agreed and went to the center to assist with the grand opening. At the end of event, the owner of the center thanked her and asked her if she would like to come back and help out running the reception area in exchange for massages and other alternative therapies. Carol, never one to pass up on a good massage agreed to the new deal and began donating her time on weekends at the wellness center.

As fate would have it, Carol got laid off from her full-time job at the elevator company and found herself out of work.  With a house full of children and bills to pay, she went to the center one weekend to cover a shift as the receptionist and told the center owner about her new situation. The owner offered her a job.


Over 10 years later…
Sadly, within those years Carol experienced tremendous loss.  Her mother and brother passed away unexpectedly and her sister was battling cancer and the prognosis was not good.  With her sister now permanently hospitalized, Carol would drive many miles daily to be by her sister’s side.  


Then the day came when it was time for Paulette to go.  Paulette a fighter to the end did not want to and it took their brother Mike’s spirit to come get her and guide her into the light. Carol, by her side, watched her dear sister get lifted to the heavens.


Carol’s loss and grieving took her on a new journey of discovery, healing, and learning. Through the Wellness Center, she became a Reiki practitioner.  Learning Reiki helped her greatly but also gave her an opportunity to reach out and help others which gave her a new happiness in her heart. The more she helped others, somehow the better she felt.

In addition to Reiki, Carol discovered a new passion for jewelry making, wire wrapping gemstones, and crystals. Turning a part of her bedroom into a makeshift studio, she had created enough jewelry to go out and start doing shows and even launched an online website called “Let it Be Wired”.  But Carol never forgot her and her sister Paulette's dream of one day opening a bead shop and now she had some new skills to add into the mix. She continued to learn about crystals and their healing properties and had a very large collection that bordered on obsession.  She also learned about many forms of alternative therapies during her tenure at the wellness center.


One night her brother came to her in a dream and showed her a vision of her new place.  It was a place that brought together communities of people with classes and workshops, contained here beloved crystals and her favorite metaphysical items. More importantly, it offered all types of healing modalities in once convenient place. It contained a large buffet of beads, just like her and Paulette talked about and the name of the place was clearly spelled out in her dream by her brother Mike. “Earth, Wind & Spirit he said, that is the name you should call it.”  Carol remembers exclaiming in the dream, “but Mike, I don’t know how that can all happen.  If I am going to create this place, you have to guide me.”  Never one to argue with spirit, Carol began implementing the vision and amazingly, all the pieces and parts magically manifested into place and Earth, Wind and Spirit Artisan & Holistic Center was born.  A dream come true for Carol, but more importantly, a dream come true for her sister.  And who knew that it would be a family affair with brother Mike helping.


Carol wants everyone to know that visits the center the following: “You are valued, appreciated and cared for when you come here and as you depart from Earth, Wind & Spirit each time it is our goal that you leave with a renewed sense of hope that you felt and experienced some healing, and in some way, you are sparked with inspiration”