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The Artisans of Earth,Wind, & Spirit

Artist Bio's

Carol Clark

Creating unique wire wrapped jewelry for over 10 years, Carol likes to work with the power and healing properties of gemstones and crystals. During her creation stage, she feels the stones shape and contour to determine the best wire wrap technique that will highlight the stone. Carol has done several custom pieces for clients that span several themes and presentations. 

Jewelry Artist

Cornerstone Creations

Cornerstone Creations offers a huge array of traditional, whimsical and classic high-grade concrete statuary, benches, birdbaths, stepping stones, planters, wall & fence hangings, memorial stones, bird feeders and so much more. Specializing in mythical, fantasy, celestial, cultural, new age and nature inspired designs with custom finishes and color layouts like no other. We got the best of the best from Cornerstone at EWS.

Stone Artist

Roland Gregoire

I like to work with the forces and materials found in nature, especially twisted vines.  When I take time in nature and observe it's physics, I become inspired and replicate the movement and patterns in my Art. 
I also work with discarded items and give them a new purpose in my Art. I do a lot of custom pieces and Art installations in homes and businesses. I am motivated to first understand each client and their uniqueness before I create a piece for them.

Hyperdimensional & Energy Artist

Mark Gurney

Whimsical and fun, Mark's creations of earrings, pendants, pins and other clay works bring a zest of color to EWS. Working each jewelry item by hand with swirls of color in clay provides buyers with a pop of fun and folly. Mark also enjoys making plaques and stepping stones depicting nature and it's beauty. 

Polymer Clay Artist

Araya Moreau

Araya, another one of our young artisan's clearly has what it takes to design jewelry.  Her line of Rainbow Spirit bracelets from Araya's Fashions will light up any outfit and spark a smile to boot. Being 12 years old does not stop this kid from rocking great fashion. 

Jewelry Artist

Bonnie Bonzella McLoud

Without creativity, I would be lost.  Creating any form of art and diving into each mediums intricacies excites and inspires me.  I am a sponge of creative knowledge and I always want to continue to learn more. Watercolor has been my medium of choice for many years now as the techniques are endless.  I have also recently got back into jewelry design, but this time I am enjoying working with spheres of gemstones & crystals. Gemstone and crystals have powerful healing properties and what better way to offer a piece to a client that is beautiful and also heals. I am grateful for my gifts and love to share what I know through teaching.  Bonzella is my artist name and it is what my grandmother used to call me.

Fine Artist/Watercolor/Acrylic/Multi Medium - Jewelry Designer- Art Instructor

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