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The Practitioners of Earth, Wind, and Spirit Artisan & Holistic Center

Offering Alternative Health, Holistic Services and Intuitive Readings 

Tina Brohman Hypnotherapist

Focusing on alternative health care, Tina utilizes hypnosis as a treatment modality for various health conditions.  As a hypnotherapist, she will use hypnosis as a tool to assist individuals in attaining their goals by reaching their subconscious mind, which in turn will help them lead a happier and healthier life. Hypnosis will open their mind, body, and spirit, allowing positivity to flow through their lives and unblock anything that is holding back the individual from their dream no matter how big or small, personal or professional.


Sharon D'Angelo Intuitive Psychic Medium

Sharon D’Angelo is a Certified Tarot and Oracle guide.  She uses a variety of cards to provide her clients with guidance, get to the matter at hand, discuss where any obstacles may be and how to best move forward.  Her goal is to empower her clients to make choices that are for their highest and best lives.  She is a firm believer in free will and understands that we can always change our path and move in a different direction.  She teaches how to work with Tarot and Oracle cards in a series of classes and workshops.

Sharon is also a talented psychic medium and welcomes loved ones who are in spirit to come through in her readings to give healing, loving and meaningful messages.  She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love and healing.  Readings can be done in a private session or “gallery style”, in a public group setting.

She is a Wiccan High Priestess and teaches the basics of Wicca, and how to be a Divine Co-Creator in a Year and a Day Program.  She also hosts monthly moon circles, where people of all spiritual practices can gather, support each other on their paths and align with nature to manifest positive change in their lives. 

Sharon is now offering Akashic Record Readings and Soul Realignment ™ sessions.  Sharon will access your Akashic record to discover your soul's Divine Essence as well as the theme your soul chose to experience in this lifetime and the gifts you brought into this lifetime.  Also discussed and cleared in a session are any blocks and restrictions from this and past lives that are not congruent with your soul's true essence.   She is a certified Soul Realignment ™ Practitioner.

Intuitive Psychic Medium/Wiccan

Kari Flowers Massage Therapy

Since 2003 Kari has been licensed massage therapist.   In massage, Kari offers clients 6 levels of pressure, deep tissue, Swedish and for expecting Mom’s she offers pre-natal massage.

Kari is upbeat and very positive and cares for clients with empathy and compassion.  

Also a Reiki Master, she connects the mind, body and spirit and brings clients to a relaxed, meditative state where optimal healing can take place.

Massage Therapy

Lisa Fontanella Life Coach, Chakra & Aura Scans, Reiki Practitioner

As a certified Life Coach and Intuitive, I help clients discover and embrace their best selves. Using the technology of the Biopulsar Reflexograph (Aura & Chakra scans) and practical life skills tools, I help people enhance their quality of life and gain a feeling of fulfillment.

My exploration of energy has been a constant in my life. In 1992, I became a Reiki practitioner and later a Master. I was so drawn to Reiki and the gentle power that it possesses. I had a Reiki practice but found I was being guided in a different direction. In 1993, I naively approached the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada explaining how Reiki works and how it would greatly benefit patients. That conversation led to pioneering two scientific research studies showing how Reiki decreases pain and improves quality of life. Here is another study on the positive effects of Reiki. Lisa also enjoys teaching Reiki as part of her offerings.  In addition, Lisa is a published author and metaphysical jewelry designer.

Life Coach/Chakra & Aura Scans/Reiki Practitioner

Kimberly Pearson Intuitive Psychic Medium

Kimberly Pearson is a Tarot and Card Reader and Empathic Intuitive Psychic Medium.   She has studied tarot and mediumship intensely with Gary McKinstry.  She also uses divination tools and Oracle cards in her work to provide  her clients with direction for their highest best.  She uses her gift of Mediumship in her work as well.   She loves to share her special gifts with others because it fills her with joy.   Kim longs to help others on their journey to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Her other interests include the wiccan path under the tutelage of Sharon D’Angelo. Kim’s desire to learn how to help heal herself and others motivated her to aggressively study Reiki with Susan Lecuyer and Kathi Munson moving from student to Master/Teacher.

As a Child, Kim knew she was different. At that time, society told her it wasn’t right and the differences that she suppressed as a child, she now embraces with much passion. She loves to share her special gifts with others.

Intuitive Psychic Medium

Colleen Lowe Smith Sound Therapy

Colleen is an intuitive empath. She has studied and embraced sound as a healing modality for the past twenty years and facilitates vibrational alignment with reverence, ever humbled by its transformative potential. Colleen also practices writing, dancing, storytelling and creative arts as a means of expression, process, healing and expansion. Her 25 years teaching pre k - 6th grade as a Montessori educator has been a Master Class in patience and staying present in the moment. She lives with her husband, daughter, animals and plants, hopeful for the collective evolution of consciousness.

Sound Synthesis Session

Sound Synthesis is a vibrational healing modality using drum, rattle, and tuning forks.  Colleen uses these tools both practically and intuitively, using frequency and vibration to entrain brain waves and energy patterns at a molecular level into a state of deep relaxation.  The calm serenity elicited provides the energetic space to bring in the body’s own wisdom, healing and clarity, often spontaneously releasing old blockages.  This non-invasive treatment may also include crystals and aromatherapy, and Colleen offers her intuitive messages/guidance.

Sound Synthesis Therapy

Jan Lucier Shaman/ Drum Circle Facilitator

Jan Lucier brings to Earth, Wind & Spirit a whole host experience and modalities. She was a missionary in the early part of her life and is a registered holistic nurse and educator. 

Subsequently her spiritual path has opened into an eclectic mix of Shamanism, Native American practices, Buddhism, and Christianity. Jan has studied shamanism with several shamans both domestically and abroad.

Jan subscribes to the wounded healer paradigm of wholeness. It is out of our own wounds and healing that we find the path of empathy and wisdom to help others.

Jan offers experiential courses in shamanism, native american practices and Buddhism. She also specializes in trauma and emotional release modalities.

Shaman/Drumming Therapy

Bonnie Souness McLoud Artist, Intuitive Artist Spirit Drawing

As an Empath, Bonnie can sense energy imbalances in her clients that may contribute to current and future illness. Life brings with it various negative experiences, trauma, heartache, grief and many other negative emotions.  Some more severe than others.  Most times, we are perfectly capable of handling, processing, and healing from these experiences and moving on. Sometimes, the resulting emotions get stuck as negative energy in our bodies through no fault of our own.  It just happens. As a result, the negative energy attaches to different areas of our bodies and over time may result in a host of mental and physical ailments. Everyone has stuck emotions because life happens, but emotions that are stuck for long periods of time can fester into mental and physical problems. In some cases, clients can lose their ability to feel. This is the bodies way of protecting us.

Bonnie’s goal in every session is to release as many stuck negative energies as her client’s body will allow. Using Emotion Release techniques and other forms of energy medicine, Bonnie works with the subconscious levels of the body and energy centers to release what needs to be released. Clients state they feel pain releasing, energy shifts feel lighter after an Emotional Release session.    

Artist, Reiki Practitioner, Emotional Release Therapist, Intuitive Reader

Kathi Munson

Kathi is available for Tarot, Angel, Medium & Pet Communication readings. Kathi is a gifted psychic, medium, and animal communicator. For over ten years Kathi Munson has helped her clients come closer to understanding their true self. She assists her clients in understanding their life path options, to reach goals and find their true purpose in life, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future. Her readings will give you a fresh perspective on your life. Kathi also teaches all levels of Reiki Healing.

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Reader - Tarot, Angel, Medium & Pet Communication

Leigh Russell Jr

 "Ever since I was a young I have had a knowing that there was more to reality than meets the eye. 

I was able to see energy and auras when I was 
toddler, and gradually lost the ability through attrition and encultralization by age 4. I reawakened to my ability to see and sense energy in college about 18 years ago. Recently I discovered a technique that makes viewing energy and auras very easy compared to the techniques I used to use. I now introduce people into the greater interactive world of subtle energy in which they live through teaching them the skill of seeing auras. 

Through my training in bodywork and experiences 
with meditation,  have been able to find ways to prove it to others, while teaching them how to distress, and return to health and wholeness. I call my research the Bio-Energetics Of Consciousness  because many of the techniques I use require movements of body and energy that then shift consciousness. The discoveries in Bio-Energetics Of Consciousness I have made have become the simple, practical tools that are taught in my workshops. These workshops include: Learn to See Auras, and "What To Do When Stress Gets You."  Presently, I am gathering through my research techniques for Intuition, Channeling, Spiritual Counseling, Transformational Breathing, and Enlightenment.

I have used my discoveries and skills to help people uncover the emotional and spiritual roots to the difficulties in their life and found ways to empower them in their healing and growth processes. I have worked with and received recommendations from Alternative Healers, Psychics, Counseling Therapists, 12-Step Sponsors, Breathing 
Therapists, Nurses and Chiropractors.

I have made many appearances on radio. I have appeared on WKNE 107.3
, and 1290AM, and WTSA 97.3 to talk about and read Auras of people in the station and over the phone. "

Energetic Healer, Bodyworker, Psychic, Spiritual Guide, Transformational Breath, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Techniques, Soul Alignment, Hand Reflexology.

Marci Ryder

Marci Ryder is a 2013 graduate of Bancroft school of massage therapy in Worcester after interning at Canyon Ranch in Lenox Ma. She is trained in Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and chair/corporate massage. She incorporates multiple modalities into a customized massage plan for her clients. She can also perform kenesiology taping for clients. Marci prides herself in her knowledge of human anatomy and loves to give clients additional tools to distress in between appointments.  She specializes in repetitive motion and overuse injuries and conditions. In addition to massage techniques Marci is certified in Lypossage, a body contouring, cellulite minimizing and anti-aging modality.

Massage Therapist

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